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A solution for all business and public sector environments


Cloud services

IT infrastructure as a constantly updated service, locally and globally


VR Group

updating VR Group's operations centre phone system demanded a special contact centre solution


Vintor helps customers to digitise their customer services and switch from traditional IT infrastructure to cost-efficient cloud-based infrastructure solutions. We are your partner in the transition to the digital age.

We offer our expertise in finding the best solutions to your customer service and IT infrastructure needs and in implementing change on a global stage. Get in touch, and we'll help you improve the efficiency of your organisation!

Our services

Our experts help our customers to make their operations more efficient using a range of customer service and integrated communication systems and by switching parts of the IT infrastructure to cloud services.

Customer service systems and integrated communications

A solution for all business and public sector environments. READ MORE>>

Cloud services

IT infrastructure as a constantly updatable service, locally and globally. READ MORE>>

Customers we have helped to succeed include:

When there's a delay on the railways, the phone is the most important communication and management tool. Updating the phone system for Finnish rail company VR Group's operations centre demanded more than an ordinary contact centre solution.


Planning and preventive maintenance of the network connections for KONE's lift monitoring systems.


Holiday Club's hotels in three countries switched to an integrated communications phone switchboard solution by concentrating their customer service contact centre functions.


The logistics company Containerships moved to a cloud-based IT infrastructure. An impressive 35% cost saving will help the company to retain its market competitiveness alongside the other benefits of this advanced technological solution.



As an expert in digitised customer services, Vintor helps customers to build models and systems for doing business seamlessly across a range of channels. Vintor is also a trailblazing provider of new cloud-based IT infrastructure.

The pinnacle of Vintor's expertise is the ability to serve as a trustworthy advisor to its customers, providing efficient integration when it comes to practical operations. Vintor helps customers to take command of the situation with customer service and cloud solutions.

"The way we work is fast and flexible. Besides finding the best solution for each individual customer, the cornerstone of our operations is our rapid reaction to customer needs, sometimes in the face of surprising situations." - Sami Grönberg, managing director.

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